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My Town My Vote

The League's semi-annual effort to raise awareness of and participation in local elections

In "off" election years, when there are no federal-level elections, the voter turnout in Westport is lamentably low.  My Town My Vote is our all out effort to reverse this trend and get people interested in local politics and elections.  The approach varies from year to year, but we always need people and ideas to make this project a success.

My Town My Vote

 The Top 10 Reasons To Vote Local  

10.           It’s a nice break from work.

  9.          There are usually great bake sales at the polls

  8.          I earn a full year’s right to complain (and I’ll learn who to complain to).

  7.          The polls are open before and after my train.

  6.          I only have to do it once a year.

  5.          Why should I let someone else make all the decisions?

  4.          I might run into someone I know; it’s a great chance to catch up.

  3.          It only takes a minute.

  2.          I can find out what “RTM” means.

  1.          Voting is part of my responsibility to my community.




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